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Dec 15, 2015 · "Buck naked" is the term I’ve always used and heard, but it appears that "butt naked" has been growing in popularity. "Butt naked" may be more descriptive and I’m wondering what might be the meaning of "buck" in the phrase "buck naked".

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“Butt naked” is probably used more by those under, say, 40 years of age; thus, it’s no surprise it’s on the web more. “Buck naked” is the older form, thus most used currently by those in editorial control as these folks are probably over 40.

Jun 02, 2010 · This is a research based examination seeking the correct form or use between the contested terms "buck naked" and "butt naked." Research from the OED, academic debate, and a general academic search. Reasonable arguments and even some humor peppered in.

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Joshua Milton Blahyi (born September 30, 1971), better known by his nom de guerre (or pseudonym) General Butt Naked, is a former commander of forces under the wider control of Liberian warlord Roosevelt Johnson. Blahyi was known for his and atrocities during the …

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8 Responses to “Buck Naked and Butt Naked” David Knuttunen on October 02, 2015 9:22 am. Because of the racist connotations that the word “buck” has acquired, when referring to male humans, I prefer “butt naked”.

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totally nude(see also buck naked) The more popular term derived from buck naked. some people still say buck naked, but most say butt naked because the yanks made a cooler version of the term.

If ‘buck naked’ was the original, then that leads to the question of what people meant when they put the word ‘buck’ in there. One suggestion is that when the phrase originated, the word ‘bucket’ was, for a short period of time, slang for the buttocks.

The first published reference to “buck naked” in the Dictionary of American Regional English is from 1928, while the first citation for “butt naked” comes from a 1966-70 DARE survey. On the other hand, both DARE and The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language speculate that “buck naked” may be an alteration of “butt

Buck naked and butt naked each mean completely unclothed. Buck naked is the older term that predominates in published writing. Butt naked is common in spoken, informal English.

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The term buck naked came from the word buckskin which means naked skin) However butt naked is a mispronun … ciation of buck naked. So, essentially buck naked came first, butt naked was used later.

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