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WARM-UP EXERCISES FOR GROUP WORK – For Theutic, Educational or Training Groups April 27, 2010 Nicholas Wolff, LCSW, BCD, TEP , Director of Training at Lifestage, Inc and Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, RMT, CGP, Trainer/consultant and writer/performer.

Group Counseling Exercise 46

Group Counseling Exercise 105

Group Counseling Exercise 89

4 Group Therapy Exercises and Worksheets for Depression and Anxiety. Group therapy is commonly used in the treatment of people with depression and anxiety. A group setting is a perfect place for people suffering from depression or anxiety to connect with others, practice important social skills, and learn healthy coping strategies from each other.

model (Handout 1.2) is distributed to group members to fill in during the exercise. A summary of the mindfulness and acceptance approach is handed out at the end of the session (Handout 1.3).

Group Counseling Exercise 3

Group Therapy Activities, Ideas & Themes: Icebreakers, Warmups, Energizers, & Deinhibitizers: Fun ways for groups to learn each other’s names, get to know one another, and to loosen up inhibitions.

Group Counseling Exercise 102

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy meant for a small group of people, who meet, interact, and solve their common problems, guided by a qualified therapist. The therapist uses many group therapy exercises to achieve positive results.

Who leads group therapy? Groups are lead by a trained group leader who prompts discussion and encourages everyone to participate. Other than gently guiding conversation, the group leader is responsible for picking up on client issues that reoccur in group therapy and in daily life.

Group Counseling Exercise 83

Group therapy sessions can be held in a variety of settings, such as community centers, therapy offices, hospitals, libraries, members’ houses, or churches. Some go to individual therapy in

Group Counseling Exercise 59

It is important for all group members to trust others in the group as well as the person arranging these group activities. Several group therapy activities help nurture trust, collaboration, and respect. These activities can be as simple as acting, painting, and playing music.

Group Counseling Exercise 103

Group Counseling Exercise 68

What is Expressive Therapy? Group Activities Dance Orientations Map Contact Group Activities. Here is a list of ideas that I have employed at various times in a mental health setting for groups of adults, ren, and teens. My Wise Self (adapted from an exercise from The Progoff Intensive Journal Program)

Group Counseling Exercise 94

An eco-therapy exercise adapted for a group setting. Participants identify what experiences give them pleasure through each of their five senses, then share and discuss this with the group. Mirror Image: Involves people in pairs, with one person mirroring the actions of the other. Stimulates self- …

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