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Conversely, indicators of someone who is withdrawing from the conversation are the crossing of arms and legs. A person sitting in this position is unlikely to be convinced by anything you may say or do.

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This spread-leg position also applies while sitting. You will notice dominant men will often sit down spreading their legs as if putting on display their “large” crotches. Sitting Leg Cross: The same basis applies to the standing leg cross, i.e. crossing our legs while we sit is also a sign of a submissive, defensive or closed minded attitude.

Is it effeminate for a male to fully cross his legs while sitting? Update Cancel. ad by Trueself. Has anyone tried sleeping on a DreamCloud mattress? I gave it a shot, and here’s what I think. I’m a man and I cross my legs when I sit down. Does that undermine my masculinity?

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Crossing one leg over the other is a very popular way of sitting and has many variations. Women, for example, prefer the tight leg cross to emphasize their legs features. Men often use the 4 figure sitting cross leg position. The leg over leg "standard position" is usually done with the dominant leg on top.

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Manspreading or man-sitting or ballrooming is the practice of men sitting in public transport with legs wide apart, thereby covering more than one seat. Both this posture and the use of the neologism "manspreading" have occasioned some internet criticism and debates in …

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When a man crosses his legs, there is a non-verbal message being sent out. There are as many different messages as there are styles of crossing legs, and they vary with circumstances, context, situation, who is around at the moment, other signs of non-verbal communication.

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Sitting legs may point with knees or feet at interesting other people, as well as desired direction of travel. Sitting forward with one foot pointing away and the other back is preparation to stand up and is a common signal that the person wants to leave or go somewhere.

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Yes, sitting with your legs splayed out is more comfortable. And we all know how painful that college football injury can get when you bend your knees. But really, men, you should be able to do

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Is it better to cross your legs or keep both feet planted on the floor? Should your knees be together? This article discusses 5 sitting positions men normally take – and the science behind them.

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