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Looking at me you may see a woman with open soul, warm heart and clear mind. I know I live not in fairy tale, though I believe in some magic. I believe that when two soul mates meet some chemistry happens around them.

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The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights is a 1833 fairy-tale poem by Aleksandr Pushkin. The story is based on the tale Little Snow White from Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Once upon a time in a land far, far away, an evil queen sat with her magic plate in her hand.

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Russia Beyond has compiled a list of the most courageous and colorful Russian fairy-tale protagonists – and antagonists. The characters of Russian fairy tales inhabit a spectacular Magical

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Russian: Снегурочка, Snegurochka. One cold winter day they both went to the forest, the old man to chop wood and his wife to help him.

Russia has such a wide and rich collection of folklore due largely to folklorist, Alexander Afanasyev, who published more than 600 Russian folk tales and fairy tales, and thanks to British scholar, Robert Steele, who gathered and anthologized numerous folk tales from the region into the fairy tale collection known as The Russian Garland.

The Magical World of Russian Fairy Tales. Many ren are familiar with Snow White’s evil stepmother and her poisonous apple, Cinderella’s fairy godmother, and the witch in the gingerbread house waiting to eat Hansel and Gretel for dinner.

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Let’s review the typical plot of a Russian fairy tale and take the tale by Zhukovsky “About the Czar Berendey” as an example. Maria Czarevna is in this plot a wise teen of Koschey the Immortal.

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Russian: Конек Горбунок, Konek Gorbunok. Once upon a time there was a peasant family that owned one wheat field. One morning they found that during the night, someone had been trampling around in the field and ruining the wheat.

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