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In American teen the idea demonstrated threw out the documentary is friendship groups and the impact they have on teenagers collegeing lives. A person that this majorly effected in the documentary is …

Jul 30, 2008 · A few days ago I saw a moving documentary by Nanette Burstein called "American Teen." It follows the lives of a bunch of s during their senior year of high college in the small Midwestern town

American Teen is a 2008 documentary film directed by Nanette Burstein (On the Ropes, The Stays in the Picture) and produced by 57th & Irving. It competed in the Documentary Competition at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, where it received the Directing Award: Documentary.

The 5 Best Teen Documentaries are those documentaries which intrigue you, make you wonder about life and about what is going on in the world. Not all documentaries are real but will be reenactments of what occurred during the initial shooting of the film.

Nanette Burstein’s documentary intimately explores the lives of five teens. Popularity is everything; breakups and missed jump-shots are the end of the world; a college acceptance is a dream come true; and an email forwarded to the wrong person is your worst nightmare.

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American Teen earned the Documentary Directing Award at Sundance for producer/director Nanette Burstein (On the Ropes, The Stays in the Picture). In it Burstein captures the senior year of these high college students with a fresh vibe that reviewers tend to compare to a real-life Breakfast Club …

Aug 15, 2008 · American TEEN is an enjoyable, refreshing documentary that will inevitably play differently to all who see it, as everyone had a different cent experience. Some have moved on while others still hear the echoes of torment or thrill in their minds.

It’s been a frustrating turn of events for Burstein, an Academy Award nominee who had previously co-directed the documentaries "On the Ropes" and " The Stays in The Picture" with Brett Morgen.

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Oct 14, 2008 · Parents need to know that American Teen is an eye-opening documentary that follows real high-college seniors from the small town of Warsaw, Ind., and doesn’t flinch from showing them drinking, swearing, smoking, hooking up, and talking about sex. They also worry about their romantic relationships, peer pressure, college applications, scholarships, and grades.

Jul 30, 2008 · "American Teen" observes a year in the life of four high college seniors in Warsaw, Ind. It is presented as a documentary, and indeed these students, their friends and families are all real people, and these are their stories.

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