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Jul 04, 2016 · Another movie wherein Tina Fey is pretending that she’s hot.And it was shot in New Mexico, not Afghanistan.Wimpy cunt.

Tina Fey slammed a trio of Internet haters in her Golden Globes acceptance speech Sunday night, saying they could all "suck it" – but don’t expect the find daring comedienne typing out retorts

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Nov 06, 2015 · Tina Fey was told on numerous occassions (and has stated so in interviews) that she was not pretty enough to be in front of the cameras as an actor – for many reasons: weight, the scar, and just general bookish, greek, teen next door looks.

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Two of our favorite people finally got together romantically and we couldn’t be happier about it. Tina Fey presented Amy Schumer with her well-deserved Peabody Award in NYC on Sunday.

Tina Fey‘s latest comedy-drama “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” opened to $7.6 million, marking one of the actress’ lower-grossing movies in her career. “It was definitely a kind of surprise

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Tina Fey Haters Tell Her To ‘Suck It’ Right Back Gil Kaufman 01/12/2009 You know how they say revenge is a dish best served in front of millions of people and your Hollywood peers?

Feb 12, 2009 · Tina Fey won best actress for "30 Rock" at the Golden Globes and gave one of the funniest speeches of the night. After saying what a fan she has always been of the Hollywood Foreign Press, Tina

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Those anonymous internet critics Tina Fey told to "suck it" in her Golden Globe acceptance speech tonight are actual posters on the LA Times’ Envelope awards site. And mean! Some points of

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Tina Fey Complete Butt & Topless. There is nothing better than a hot chick Tina Fey leaked that can make you laugh.When a woman has a sense of humor. You automatically want to spend more time with her and fuck her because you know it’ll be less serious and more fun.

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