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In the list you’ll find below, I’ll give you 7 reasons for learning the Russian language. 7 Reasons For Learning The Russian Language 1. It’s One of The Most Spoken Languages in The World. The first of my reasons for learning the Russian language is that it …

Sep 14, 2006 · Get a Russian channel on your TV from a satellite dish network. Or find a Russian radio station on your radio or via the internet. Get a book with recordings, not a listen-only CD. Learn the Cyrillic alphabet first; do not use …

Why learn Russian. OK – we get it. Russian is difficult. But why should you even consider learning it? Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons for learning Russian. Family, friends, partners; By far the biggest reason, in my opinion, to learn any language.

If you want to learn some Russian words that were borrowed from English words, you might look at Fun Russian’s helpful guide to Anglicisms. For a more general list of words that are the same or similar between Russian and English, try this cognate article from The Russian Blog .

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So let’s focus on some of the bright sides of learning Russian. Alphabet – easy to learn and wonderfully phonetic. One of the first things that turn people off from a new language is having to learn a different set of characters or letters. People vastly overestimate how difficult this really is.

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Learn Russian for free. If you love the Russian language and you want to study it online, this is your place: We offer you free lessons from basic level to advanced, …

You might already have your own good reasons for learning Russian. Perhaps you like the sound of the Russian accent, or admire the Russian ballet and literature, or want to get a Russian teenfriend or meet your prince charming. Maybe you plan to do business in …

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Top 10 Reasons to learn Russian: #6-10 Continued from Reasons 1-5 6 You like to meet new people from around the globe but don’t have enough knowledge of the language to talk to your Russian friends.

4. I want to learn Russian and hope to visit someday. 5. I have a few Russian colleagues and occasionally need to read a few Russian journals. 6. Fell in love with a woman from Russia and one day hope to go to her country. Note: I was expecting this’d be a …

Primary reasons to learn Russian is russian literature, movies and culture from soviet era. If you’re fluent in russian, you’ll also be able to read russian news sources and read russian takes on some of the international events.

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