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Sexual health issues are more prevalent for women than for men, and yet studies show that only 9 percent of women are asked about sexual concerns by their doctors. Issues that can prevent a woman from enjoying sex include lack of sexual desire, inability to become aroused, lack of …

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Sexual Health. From safe sex to reproductive health issues, sexual health plays a crucial role in your overall well-being. Find answers for your questions, even ones you may be embarrassed to ask.

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These are our top ten scary sex questions, answered. We all have those sexual-health concerns we know we should speak up about, but are afraid to ask. Most women …

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A federal government website managed by the Office on Women’s Health in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 200 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, DC 20201 1-800-994-9662 • Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET (closed on federal holidays).

Sexual health is a topic some people may be embarrassed to talk about, but it is a topic of huge importance and worth knowing about. Test yourself today and see how much you know about sexual health.

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Women’s sexual health, like men’s, is important to overall emotional and physical well-being. A fulfilling sex life improves your sleep quality and reduces stress. But achieving a healthy and satisfying sex life doesn’t happen magically; it takes self-reflection and candid communication with your partner.

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Female sexual dysfunction, menopause, and contraception are her other areas of interest. She recently was involved in several multicenter clinical trials involving endometrial ablation, uterine fibroid embolization compared to abdominal myomectomy, and hysteroscopic sterilization procedure.

Ten Questions to Ask Talking to a healthcare provider about your sexual health can be intimidating. You might feel embarrassed about the questions that you have; you might not want to admit to certain feelings or fears about your health.

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Our experts tackle all your pressing sexual health questions. Sex & Relationships Apr 30, 2016 9 Weird Health Issues That Actually Happen to All Women You aren’t the only one with funky smells.

WebMD answers common questions about circumcision, male menopause, birth control, and more. Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Health. Some women may experience changes in sexual

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