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In 1784, this adventurous fur merchant established the Three Saints Bay Colony, Russia’s first permanent North American settlement, on Kodiak Island in Alaska.

The Russian colony had failed by 1841. The Fort Ross property had various owners until 1906, when the fort and acreage were acquired by the State for restoration, reconstruction, and interpretation. The Lumber Mills The brig Frolic sank off Point Cabrillo with its San Francisco-bound cargo in 1850. Attempts at salvage were largely unsuccessful.

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The Russian colonization of the Americas covers the period from 1732 to 1867, when the Russian Empire laid claim to northern Pacific Coast territories in the Americas. Russian colonial possessions in the Americas are collectively known as Russian America. Russian expansion eastward began in 1552, and in 1639 Russian explorers reached the Pacific Ocean.

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A brief history of the Russian settlement at Fort Ross in Northern Californa during the early part of the 19th century. History of the Russian Settlement at Fort Ross, California For the small group of California natives, that cool, overcast day in March 1812 was a forerunner of massive change.

About 90 miles north of San Francisco lies Fort Ross, a site chosen to be the Russian empire’s only colony in what would later become the contiguous United States. Pictured is a Russian Orthodox

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(Reprinted from Alaska magazine, 1926.Fort Ross archives.) Fort Ross An Account of the Russian Settlement in San Francisco Bay by Rev. A P. Kashevaroff There are but few occurrences in the history of the world similar to that which transpired

San Francisco is also home to an eclectic array of specialty museums, including the American Carousel Museum, the National Maritime Museum, the San Francisco International Toy Museum, the Old Mint, the Telephone Museum, the San Francisco Fire Department Museum, the Chinese Culture Center Museum, and the San Francisco Crafts and Folk Art Museum.

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The history of the Russian Fort Ross settlement began during Spanish rule and ended under Mexico. Russian-American Company. This settlement [Ross] has been organized through the …

A thriving Russian-American Company settlement from 1812 to 1841, it was known as Settlement Ross when it was established by the Russian American Company, a commercial hunting and trading venture chartered by the tsarist government.

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The Russian Connection in San Francisco We all know about Fort Ross in 1830, Sebastopol, the Russian River, and Russian Hill, where artifacts of buried Russian sailors have been found. Perhaps we also know that the founding of the Presidio may have been inspired by Charles III of Spain because of concern about Russian incursions from the north.

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